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Minimal Design Maximum Impact

Yes, We Do Curtain in Modern Style


Trendy Modern S Fold Curtain

The Next Curtain Design Trend

The tracking system is powder-coated. It flows and moves effortlessly and quickly

The S-Fold effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and the overall look creates a sleek and clean linecontemporary finish.

It is simple and has a very appealing versatile look.

S-Fold Curtain really showcases the fabric, the curtain fabric stacks in neat folds immediately.

S fold Curtain (2.0).jpg
S fold Curtain (1.0).jpg
Young Woman

Now I open and close my curtain remotely with a phone, remote control or even by voice. It is so convenient. 

Motorised 8.png

Mobile App

Remote Control

Automation is the next big thing

5 years warranty.

Voice Command

When you can control your curtain in smart way, why not?

Motorised 2.jpg.png

Compatible with Echo / Alexa / Google Home

 Customized motorised track length 

Motorised 9.jpg

Motorised Curtain

Improves Privacy

Installing curtains helps prevent people from the outside from seeing the inside of your house.

Prevents Dust

When your windows or doors are open, wind containing dust particles enters your home. Curtains help gather all the dust.

Regulates Sunlight

Curtains help regulate the amount of sunlight getting into your home. Hence, controlling the temperatures in your home as well. 

Enhances The Beauty of Your Home

Different types, colors, shapes of curtains can improve the appearance of your home interior


Let's work together!

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