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About Us

TMS Interior Furnishing established in year 2005, our company has been offering quality window furnishings with materials and components sourced from all over the world.


We work closely for both residential and commercial spaces to offer our clients customized blinds and curtains.

At TMS Interior Furnishing, we would love to answer customer's question or those who seek help for window furnishing, because we believe we are not selling, but assist customers to find the right product. 

Our innovative and professional window applications are created with the finest materials, which ensure suitability and durability for many years to come.

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Our ViewPoint
  1. To provide our clients with an innovative design window furnishings products that will enhance the true beauty of the space.

  2.  We will ensure our window furnishing products are of excellent quality,  which ensures suitability and durability for many years to come.

  3. We offer simple, contemporary, and luxurious designs that are meant to aesthetically transform your space, yet affordable and are created with the finest materials.

  4. No matter what your design preference is, we draw inspiration from you to create truly unique designs reflecting elegance, luxury, and practical functionality window furnishing products within your property.

  5. Our main task is to create and provide curtain and services that will attract and retain the customer. We focus on value instead of price because customer satisfaction is always our reward.

  6. We actively listen to customers so as to better meet their needs. We believe excellent customer service exposes our business and gives room for repeat business as satisfied customers will continuously help advertise our company to others around them.

  7. Even though positive feedback gives us satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment, however, we do care about negative feedback from the customer because it will show us precise improvement areas.  

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